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  1. daniel
    September 6, 2012 @ 8:43 am

    dear hassan!
    first of all i wanted to thank you so much for those lessons, i learned a lot and made a great progress thanks to you.
    im currently trying to translate this beautiful poem “بر سر قايقش” (although i know that there is a translation right in this page,it just helps me to memorize new words),
    and i have a few questions on the first word “دائما” in the second line:
    1.what is this little mark above the word and how do i use it?
    2.when you converted the word to english you wrote it as “da:eman”,although there was no “nun” in the farsi writing, how is that so?
    3. in the recording the second “a” sound sounds like a short “a” although in the poem it is written like a long “a”, is it a mistake or i just didnt get it right?