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Persian Phrases 3

All of the sentences and phrases on this page were submitted by readers. I have responded by translating them into conversational Persian. While most of these sentences do not fit our weekly lessons, they are still helpful for you to speak Persian naturally.

101. “I hope you’re fine” in Persian

I hope that you are fine (to follow the sentence “How are you”). /omid va:ræm ha:letu:n khu:b ba:sheh/.

omidvaram haletun khub basheh

102. “How is my old rooster?” in Persian

How is my old rooster? /khoru:s e piræm chetoreh?/.

khorus e pir

103. “Would you like to go for tea?” in Persian

Would you like to go for tea? /ma:yeli berim ye cha: i: ba: ham bezanim?/.

mayeli chay

104. “Are you cheating on me?” in Persian

Are you cheating on me? /da:ri særæm kola: miza:ri/?

dari saram kola

105. “You are punishing me” in Persian

You are punishing me so? /da:ri in ju:ri moja:za:tæm midi?/.

dari injuri mojazatam

106. “You’re a babe” in Persian

You’re a babe! /bæch.cheh i:/.

bacheh ee

107. “Get jiggy with me” in Persian

Would you mind getting jiggy with me? /ma:yeli ye dor ba: hæm berægh sim?/.

mayeli ye dor

108. “Your smile is amazing” in Persian

Your smile is amazing! /læb khændet mæh shær e/.

labkhandet mahshareh

109. “Wisdom” in Persian

Wisdom /æghl/.


110. “Courage” in Persian

Courage /del gærmi/.

del garmi

111. “Please be patient with me” in Persian

Please be patient with me. /lotfæn ba: mæn sæbu:r ba:sh/.

lotfan sabur bash

112. “We are different but equal” in Persian

We are different but equal. /ma: æz hæm motefa:vet væli yeksa:nim/.

ma az ham motefavet

113. “Please be gentle with me” in Persian

Please be gentle and slow with me. /lotfæn ba: mæn mehræba:n væ a:ra:m ba:sh/.

lotfan mehraban bash

114. “I’m fine” in Persian

I’m fine. /mæn khu:bæm/. (In response to: how are you?)


115. “Can you repeat that?” in Persian

Can you repeat what you said? /momkeneh lotfan hærfeto tekra:r koni/?

momkeneh tekrar koni

116. “Sorry, I’m late” in Persian

I’m sorry for my late? /bebækh shid keh dir kærdæm/.

bebakhshid dir kardam

117. “I can’t hear you” in Persian

Excuse me, I can’t hear you. /bebækh shid, seda:t o nemish nævæm/.

bebakhshid nemishnavam

118. “Sweetheart” in Persian

Sweetheart /mæhbu:beh/.


Also /mæshu:gheh/.


119. “Honey” in Persian

Honey (the sweet substance produced by bees) = /æsæl/. Also (to call your sweetheart, either man or woman) = /æzizæm/.


120. “You have made me very happy” in Persian

You have made me very happy. /kheili khosh ha:læm kærdi/.

kheili khosh halam kardi

121. “I am so lucky to have you in my life” in Persian

I am so lucky to have you in my life. /kheili khosh sha:nsæm keh to tu: zendegi ye mæni/.

khosh shans

122. “Yes” in Persian

Yes (in more polite form) = /bæleh/.


Also (in conversational form that also used very often) = /a:reh/.


123. “No” in Persian

No = /næh/. Also /kheir/. Also (in conversation or for emphasis, people usually combine these two) = /næh kheir/.

nah kheir

124. “Please” in Persian

Please /lotfæn/.

125. “May I have a fork” in Persian

May I have a fork please? /misheh lotfæn yeh chænga:l beh mæn bedin/?

misheh lotfan ye changal

You may simply replace fork with spoon /gha:shogh/


or knife /cha:ghu:/


126. “Good day” in Persian

Good day /ru:z beh kheir/.

ruz bekheir

127. “Good evening” in Persian

Good evening /æsr beh kheir/.

asr bekheir

128. “I like spending time with you” in Persian

I like spending time with you. /du:st da:ræm keh ba: to væghtæm o sær konæm/.

dust daram vaght sarf konam

129. “We are perfect for each other” in Persian

We are perfect for each other. /mæn o to va:seh hæm sa:khteh shodim/.

mano to vaseh ham

130. “You are so sweet to me” in Persian

You are so sweet to me, you deserve a thousand kisses. /to bæra: ye mæn kheili æzizi, heza:ra:n bu:seh mi ærzi/.

hezaran buseh

131. “Are we dabbling?” in Persian

Are we dabbling or what? (This sentence has several equivalents in Persian and most of them are either impolite or used among close friends only. So, be careful when you are using it! The translation presented here is, possibly and hopefully, the most polite form which you can use. It’s Persian equivalent reads: Are my words the wind of the air? – it’s a kind of expression in Persian which means ‘Am I talking nonsense? OR bullsh…..!) /yæni hærfa:m ba:d e hæva:st/?

bade hava

132. “You are the most important thing in my life” in Persian

‘Ghoncheh’ (girl’s name), you are the most important thing in my life – and I love you so much – and I hope that the same girl I fell in love with will come back to me. /ghoncheh, to mohem tærin bækhsh e zendegi æm hæsti – væ mæn kheili du:set da:ræm – væ omidva:ræm keh hæma:n dokhtæri keh a:sheghæsh shodæm beh pishæm bær gærdeh/.


133. “Liver of my soul” in Persian

There is no definite phrases i would like to get translated, but i would like to know some (or as many as possible) expressions using “jegar” or liver. I know you can say sweet things like “liver of my soul”, but I heard that liver expressions can be nasty also. So I hope you could think of some and add them to “your words” page on your great site.

Well, the above paragraph is sent to me in a message and I decided to post the message first to put you in the picture. As you just read in the message, jigar /jigær/ or jegar /jegær/ is sometimes used by the Iranians. The main meaning of this word is ‘liver’. However, the Iranains (usually the naughty ones!!) use it in different contexts. Sometimes, it is used to call a beautiful girl who is just passing by! For example, you may say (please don’t use it on my behalf!!) ‘jigar’ to a girl whom you don’t know but you just want to say something to have some fun! (You are not advised to do that for this is nasty or impolite!). Sometimes, you may say /jigæreto beræm/

jigareto beram

or /jigæreto bokhoræm/

jigareto bokhoram

which, in word for word translation, mean ‘may I eat your liver!’. But it means ‘I love you very much’. Such expressions are not very polite to express your love with. However, you may use them for your very close friends.

134. “No bird soars too high” in Persian

No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings. (The very close equivalent of this phrase in Persian is this) /kæs nækha:ræd posht e mæn joz na:khon e ængosht e mæn/.

No one will scratch my back except my own finger

kas nakharad poshte man

135. “I am grateful for your love” in Persian

You bring out the real happiness in me. I am forever grateful for your love – and even though I am so far, I will be back with my love soon. /to khoshi ye va:gheh i: ro beh mæn midi – hæmisheh mæmnu:n e eshghetæm – væ hær chænd kheili æzæt du:ræm – bezu:di ba: eshghæm pishet bær mi gærdæm/.

to khoshi ye vaghe

136. “Stand back” in Persian

Stand Back /du:r tær va: ista:/.

durtar vaista

137. “Alone” in Persian

Alone /tænha:/.


138. “Don’t shoot” in Persian

Don’t shoot /shel.lik nækon/.

shelik nakon

139. “Horse” in Persian

Horse /æsb/.


140. “Gun” in Persian

Gun /tofæng/.


141. “Do you speak English?” in Persian

Do you speak English? /englisi bælædi/.

englisi baladi

142. “Peace” in Persian

Peace /solh/.


143. “The first Sunday in every month” in Persian

The first Sunday in every month we have a meeting, if you would like to come. /ævælin yek shænbeh ye hær ma:h ma: dor e hæm jæm mi shim. ægeh du:st da:shti biya:/.

avalin yekshanbeh

144. “Life without you isn’t worth living” in Persian

Life without you isn’t worth living. /bi to zendegi ærzesh e zi:stæn ra: næda:ræd/.

bi to zendegi

145. “The best gift is you” in Persian

God gave me the best gift, and that’s you. /khoda: behtærin hedya ro beh mæn da:deh væ u:n to i:/.

khoda behtarin hedye

146. “Wash your hands” in Persian

Go and wash your hands. /boro dæsta:to beshu:r/.

boro dastato

147. “Stop fighting” in Persian

Stop fighting. /dæva: nækonin/.

dava nakonin

148. “Where are you hurt?” in Persian

Where you got hurt? /koja:t dærd gereft/.

kojat dard

149. “Who hurt you?” in Persian

Who hurt you? /ki zædet/.

ki zadet

150. “Make me some Iranian food” in Persian

Cook me some Iranian food! /ye ghæza: ye ira:ni va:sæm dorost kon/.

ye ghaza ye irani