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The Persian Alphabet

Cyrus the Great
Persian is read from right to left and consists of 32 letters. Some of the letters have small and big forms, just like A / a in English, while other letters have only one form. Persian also doesn’t have vowels per se, but uses six sounds recognised as vowels that are written under letters to make them readable. This reference page should help you with memorising the Persian alphabet. For further explanations be sure to review Easy Persian Lesson 1 – The Alphabet.

Persian Alphabet = Alefba ye Farsi

To help you memorize the letters easily, I have presented it with a song. I hope you will like it. As far as I remember, there is no Persian alphabet song. So, I have made it by myself!!

If you have access to some studio and can make this song more professional with music, please do it and send your work to me. I will share it with others right here. Thanks for your cooperation.

Feel free to save or share this music.

Persian Alphabet (alefba) song in MP3 – With music

Alefba Song with Music

(Special thanks to Iiros for creating the music)

Persian Alphabet (alefba) song (in MP3) – Without music

Alefba Song without Music

Persian Alphabet (alefba) song in MP4 format (movie file)

Please note that to play the file in MP4, you need to have Quick Time installed on your computer. You may get it free Here.

The MP4 file is created by Caroline Croskery who has my SPECIAL THANKS.