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Persian Literature and Poetry Online

Do you ever miss your old time simplicity?! Do you ever remember the time when you had not started your professional life? Do you ever remember a simple breeze over a branch of a flower in spring could make you fall in love? Do you ever remember a small dragonfly near a pond could help you speak to your love for hours? Do you ever remember the symphony of frogs in a Riceland in the middle of the night took you away from the real life until midnight? Do you ever remember every single love-based event held your hand out to a poetry book? Do you ever remember how long you looked for your love in the lines of the poems?

Where is that time now? Where is that passion? It seems gone like a dream; discolored by the horizon of your professional life. Where are we headed to?

Lately, I received several messages from different people who are learning Persian at the age of 60 – 75. I am not bluffing. This is true.

They say, “We are tired of this noisy life that is almost gone. We have looked for money and a better life for over 50 years. Now, we are leaving everything for our children, not even sure if they will appreciate it! So, we are learning Persian to enjoy the Persian literature (mainly, poems of Rumi) to relieve our mind and to get peace.”

Very impressive, isn’t it?

To respect such ideas, I have just made a Persian literature page for you. I hope you can have comfort for some time while you are traveling among these pages! I will do my best to expand it gradually. In the meantime, please accept it AS IS.

Unfortunately, I don’t think these pages are suitable for the novice (I am sorry for that). However, the sound files will help you keep track of the words line by line.

After I went through some poems to choose, I really felt sorry for most of you who do not know Persian! Honestly, Persian poetry is a beauty. No one can explain such a beauty unless you experience it yourself.

I cannot quench your thirst by explaining water! What I can do is to show you the water. Jump in the water if you are really thirsty!

Love to all of you,

Hassan H.

Currently available on Persian Literature page:

  1. Houshang Ebtehaj
  2. Sohrab Sepehri