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Persian and Farsi Tattoo Service

Important Notice: This Service is Temporarily Unavailable.

What is Persian tattoo?

Do you want to have your name or your loved one’s in Persian script? Do you want to have a name tattooed on your skin in beautiful Persian fonts? Are you looking for a short phrase in Persian / Farsi to surprise somebody? If yes, keep reading!!

How does it work?

  1. Send your names / short phrases to easypersian>[at] (in your address bar, please replace [at] with @ ). Thank you.
  2. When sending email for tattoo purposes, please write ‘tattoo’ in your Subject bar.
  3. Please note that only one word / name or one short phrase may be submitted with each order.
  4. To avoid confusion or misunderstanding and to speed up the process, please describe your word or phrase if necessary. For example, if you have a non-persian name for tattoo and know how to write it in Persian, please provide me with its spellling because that particular name may not have a standard word in Persian. Of course if you do not know how to spell it, I will do my best to find the closest Persian word for you. Please note that many names, either English or Persian, have no clear meaning. We have accepted them just as a name (except Hassan, which means GOOD!!).
  5. I will write your word / short phrase in 15 Persian fonts for you. You may choose the ones you like most, or you may choose all if you like all of them! The files will come to you in JPG format, so you won’t need to have Persian fonts installed on your computers in order to read them.
  6. And finally, I will pronounce the Persian translation of your word / phrase and give you the sound file in MP3 format. That is right! You can listen to the pronunciation of your requested word / phrase in Persian!

Unfortunately, this service is not free. You may order it by clicking on the button below. (The fee is 12 dollars only).

Important Notice: This Service is Temporarily Unavailable.


Please, please, please!

After you place the order, please send me, at least, a very short message to let me know about it. By doing this, both you and me will make sure that the order will not be missed for any possible reasons. Thanks a million!


  • Please pay the fee before sending your tattoo requests (Experience tells me that it is safer this way!!)
  • At the time of submitting your word, please let me know if you want your fonts to be in ‘BLACK color’ only. Otherwise, I will write them in various colors. Please note that once the tattoo is done, it is almost impossible to change the color unless I do it all over again and this is a lot of work for poor Hassan!
  • Please note that this service is for short phrases or names only. Long phrases may not look very beautiful.

Thank you sooooooo much.

Please feel free to take a look at some examples. Feel free to save or share these images.

  1. Hassan in 20 fonts – Black
  2. Hassan in 12 fonts – Color
  3. Duset / dooset daram = I love you – in 17 fonts – Black
  4. Duset / dooset daram = I love you – in 10 fonts – Color