Persian Writing – Useful Drills 13

As you know, practice makes perfect! These useful drills present even more new words for you to add to this week’s lesson. This will not only build your Persian vocabulary, but also help you learn to read and write Farsi more quickly and confidently.

Look at these new words:

Table = /mi:z/.


Glass = /liva:n/.


Book = /keta:b/.


Note 1: Please try the following verbs with all subjective pronouns first. Then, go to note 2 for further works!

To clean = /tæmi:z kærdæn/.

Tamiz kardan

First change it into /tæmi:z kærd/. Then, pronounce it with subjective pronouns:

1- I cleaned = /mæn tæmi:z kærdæm/.

Man tamiz kardam

2- You cleaned = /to tæmi:z kærdi/.

To tamiz kardi

Now continue!

To wash = /shostæn/.


Change it into /shost/.

1- I washed = /mæn shostæm/.

Man shostam

2- You washed = /to shosti/.

To shosti

Now continue!

To open = /ba:z kærdæn/.

Baz kardan

Change it into /ba:z kærd/.

1- I opened = /mæn ba:z kærdæm/.

Man baz kardam

2- You opened = /to ba:z kærdi/.

To baz kardi

Now continue!

Note 2: Now combine each sentence with the new words above. Example:

I cleaned the table = /mæn mi:z ra: tæmi:z kærdæm/.

Man miz ra tamiz kardam

All right. Now it’s your turn to continue.

Note: You may go to Persian samples pages to see if you can find any verbs in simple past tense. Do not pronounce the verbs that we have not studied yet. Just try to find the familiar ones.

Lesson 13