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  1. mahdi
    October 24, 2015 @ 1:15 pm

    “To fellow travelers’ garden”

    Call me
    Your voice is nice.
    Your voice is the greeness of the strange plant Grown in the farthest edge of sorrow intimacy.
    Within the dimentions of this silent era,
    I’m lonelier than the tast of a ballad in the context of an alley’s perception.
    Come to me, l’ll tell you how great is my loneliness.
    And my loneliness didn’t predict your mass camisado.
    And this is the nature of love.
    Nobody is here!
    let’s steal the life and then
    Divide it between two meets.
    let’s learn something about the state of stone.
    let’s see things sooner.
    Look! The watch hands of jet of water, in the pool plane watch, make the time into powder!

    Come and melt like a word in the line of my reticence.

    Come and melt the luciferous love mass in my palm.

    Make me warm!
    (Once at Kashan’s plain the sky grow clouded
    And it rained hot.
    And I was cold, then behind a rock, the copse hearth warmed me.

    At these dark alleies,

    I afraid of multiplication result of hesitancy and matches.

    I afraid of cement surface of century.

    Come to me, and I may not afraid of cities their dark soil is cranes pasture.

    Open me like a door to pears descent.

    Make me sleep under a branch far from metals attrition night.

    If the mine discover comes morning, call me.

    And I will wake up at the jasmine dawn behind your fingers.

    And then, tell me about bombs which were fallen when I was asleep.

    Tell me about the cheeks which were wetten when I was asleep.

    Tell me how many ducks flied over the sea.
    At the throe while armored wheel overpassed the child dream, tell me where canary did fasten its yellow song string to welfare feeling.

    Tell me, what innocent goods were arrived at ports.

    Tell me, which science found the affirmative gunpower smell music.

    Which perception leaked to prophecy appeal from the unknown bread tase.

    Then, I, like a faith warmed by equator glow , will inlay you on a garden exordium.