Persian Lesson 1 – The Alphabet, Short Vowels, B, P, T Letters


Persian Ancient Writing
This is the first Farsi lesson. For those who are, to some extent, familiar with these basics of Persian language, it might seem redundant. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, we are going to learn Persian from the very scratch that I think will be more helpful. Little by little, we will make great progress to begin advanced Persian that will let you communicate with others in Persian in both oral and written. In near future, you will find yourself speaking, reading, and even writing in Persian. These all can only be achieved through practicing these simple steps, which make learning as easy as possible.

Lesson 1 (Start from the very beginning!)

Like anything else, you’ll have to learn some basics first, and it’s inevitable! In these lessons, I have tried hard to simplify the rules as much as possible. However, it’s a new language for you and requires at least a little bit of effort if not very much! All you have to do is be patient and follow the instructions one by one. In the meantime, we are going to learn the Persian letters and the way they are pronounced and of course we will do it step by step to make sure that everything is quite clear. After you got a little familiarity with some basics you would see that it’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Unlike western languages, Persian is written and read from right to left.

2. Persian consists of 32 letters. Some of them have small and big form like A / a in English while others have only one form. You don’t need to memorize all of them now. Just be patient enough to learn it one by one. In the end you’ll see your progress.

3. As you know, English words cannot be pronounced without these five letters: A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y as in BY. These are called vowels. In Persian, however, there are no letters considered as vowels. Instead, we put some sounds on or under the letters to make them readable. There are six main sounds in Persian recognized as vowels, three short vowels and three long vowels. Remember that these are not letters. These are sounds that come with letters and make them pronounceable. Today we will learn short vowels.

The representatives (symbols) of these sounds (vowels) are as follows:

1-   Do you see the small symbol on A? If this sign sits on a letter, the letter will be pronounced as /æ/ in dad.

2-  If this sign, which is exactly written in the same way as in number one, sits under a letter, it will be pronounced as /e/ in set.

3-  If this sign, which has a circle on his head, sits on a letter, it will be pronounced as /o/ in border.

Note: this sign sits on the letters only.

These three sounds are called short vowels.

Now that you are familiar with these three short vowels you are ready to learn a couple of letters to practice with these sounds.

Today we are going to learn three big letters as well as their small forms.

1-  This is the big letter ‘B’ in Persian. In the meantime, you don’t need to learn how to write it. We are just trying to pronounce it with the help of those three short vowels above. Ready? Don’t worry. I’ll write it for you. All you have to do is pronounce it.

This is /bæ/ as in battery.

This one is /be/ as in bed.

This one is /bo/ as in border.

Try to repeat it for a couple of times.

2-  This one is the small letter ‘b’ in Persian. Now try to pronounce this letter in the same way. Don’t forget to read from right to left. You will say. 

Don’t be afraid! It’s not that much difficult. Don’t believe me? Click here to listen.

B letters

Note: big letters come at the end of the words and may stand either attached or separated from other letters (they are separable), while the small letters come at the beginning or in the middle of the words and are attached to some other letters (they are inseparable). There is only one exception that will be explained later.

3- This one is the big letter ‘P’ in Persian. Try to pronounce it with the short vowels.

as /pæ/ in pad.

as /pe/in pet.

as /po/in pork.

4-   This one is the small letter ‘p’ in Persian. Try to pronounce it. Don’t forget to read from right to left. You will say:  

Need help? Click here to listen.

P letters

5-  This one is big letter ‘T’ in Persian. Try to pronounce it with the short vowels.

as /tæ/ in tab.

as /te/ in tennis.

as /to/ in torn.

6-  This is the small letter ‘t’. Don’t forget to read from right to left. Try to pronounce it. 

Still need help? Click here.

T letters

Ok. With this we come to the end of lesson one. I hope you have enjoyed it. Make sure to check the Useful drills now. Don’t forget to visit this page every weekend. This site is updated weekly.

That’s it for today. Feel tired? Hit me

Click here if you want to write in Persian.

Lesson 1


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    • Arabic is much different from Farsi, it beeing a afro-asiatic language while Farsi is Indo-european. Learning Hebrew first would help you better, especially with grammar. Yet, persian has borrowed the Abjad beside many vocabulary. So, that may be useful for you too.

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    • Hassan, compliment the book with an audio CD with some basic sentences colloquially used in the business context and I’m sure you will have buyers like me dishing out cash.

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      • Hi,
        In fact,We don’t use “haa e saade” in everyday Farsi-which is spoken in Iran-and its usage IS rare indeed. Every body uses “haal e akhbari” instead. if you use haal e saade you may like reading/reciting a poetry.
        By the way you may hear/read “Mozareمضارع” word instead of “haal”.

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    • Hi Samana,I’m from iran and I’d like to help you!!
      crying=گریه کردن(gerie kardan)but it’s diferent to say somebody is crying
      I can help you on yahoo if you like

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  72. Can u help me how to say these words in Persian:- hungry, sleep,thirsty, tired, free, crying, working, work, hate, useless, useful, hurt, angry, hit, funny, demand, inside, few, more, eyes, ear, understand, listen, please, truth, pain, injury, fingers, nose, insult, get lost, fly, don’t know, i know, pay attention, reason . This much for now. Thanks!

    • Hi Samana,
      Persian (in Iran) has two accents, written and dialogic. I appreciate your interest for learning my native language and proud to teach you what you’ve asked. I write the translations beside each word in both (written and dialogic) structures. The first part will be written format and the second ones will be dialogic. Hope you to learn fast and enjoy!

      Note: Some of words have same accent in written and dialogic. I’ve written them once.
      Attention: ‘a’ for (ask) and ‘à’ for (are)

      hungry: W = گرسنه (gorosne), L = گشنه (goshne)
      sleep: W & L = خواب (khàb)
      thirsty: W & L = تاریخ (tàrikh)
      tired: W & L = خسته (khaste)
      free: W & L = آزاد (àzàd)
      crying: W & L = در حال گریه کردن – یا – گریه کردن (dar hàl e gerye kardan – OR – gerye kardan)
      working: W & L = در حال کار کردن – یا – کار کردن (dar hàl e kàr kardan – OR – kàr kardan)
      work: W & L = کار (kàr)
      hate: W & L = نفرت (nefrat)
      useless: W & L = بی فایده (bi fàyde)
      useful: W & L = مفید (mofid)
      hurt: W & L = ضرر (zarar)
      angry: W & L = عصبانی (asabàni)
      hit: W & L = زدن (zadan)
      funny: W & L = خنده دار (khande dàr)
      demand: W & L = تقاضا کردن (taghàzà kardan)
      inside: W & L = داخل (dàkhel)
      few: W & L = کم (kam)
      more: W & L = بیشتر (bishtar)
      eyes: W = چشمها (cheshmhà), L = چشا (cheshà)
      ear: W & L = گوش (gush)
      understand: W & L = فهمیدن (fahmidan)
      listen: W & L = گوش کردن (gush kardan)
      please: W & L = لطفاً (lotfan)
      truth: W & L = حقیقت (haghighat)
      pain: W & L = درد (dard)
      injury: W & L = صدمه (sadame)
      fingers: W = انگشتان (angoshtàn), L = انگشتا (angoshtà)
      nose: W & L = بینی (bini)
      insult: W & L = توهین (touhin)
      get lost: W & L = گمشده (gom shode)
      fly: W & L = پرواز (parvàz)
      don’t know: W = ندانستن (nadànestan), L = ندونستن (nadunestan)
      i know: W = می دانم (midànam), L = می دونم (midunam)
      pay attention: W & L = دقت کردن (deghat kardan)
      reason: W & L = دلیل (dalil)

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    I am also at facebook with same email

  96. Hello friends, anyone up for studying together via skype? I’m currently an Iranian American student who can fluently speak english as well as farsi, and used to be able to read/write in farsi as I went to kindergarten through second grade in Tehran. I’m working on learning how to read and write again, and mastering my farsi. If anyone would like to join my study group and work together to learn Farsi faster, please shoot me an email. Together we can learn faster than by ourselves. Good luck!

    Tamrin Khosh Begzare!
    (Happy Practicing)


  97. Kay Shields says:

    Wow, I like this… it really helped. I am now the only person in my classes that knows a foreign language! But that’s not why I learned the language… I love learning languages, and I have gone to 24 different websites who say they teach languages, but don’t. They only say how to pronounce the alphabet, and teach you a few words, then set you free into the world. It’s like sending a baby bird into the skies without teaching it how to fly. Anyway, it really helped… do you have anymore websites like this one, except on different languages?


  98. Harun Abakay says:

    Hi, im trying to learn persian, this lesson was great fro me, and i need learn specially speaking farsi for my job, i saw some words with meanings up from ” YUTAB” , can i request more words, here is my mail:
    Thanks a lot

  99. Before I begin my pursuit of learning Persian (Farsi), I would like formally thank you first for providing this thorough website. After doing a considerable amount of research, there are simply no sites that take you from scratch to a comprehensive understanding of any Middle Eastern language. Thank you again, as I will begin using your website shortly, and quite often, each and every day, and hopefully accomplish my goal of becoming fluent in the langage.

    - Erik

  100. I want to thank you so very much for this great site. I’m learning Persian only from your site, and I’d always wanted to learn it, but it’s too expensive to learn it. This is so great, thank you! Please go on like this.

  101. Dari Farsi Teacher says:

    Need a Farsi Teacher/ Dari Teacher? Do you want Online Dari or Farsi lessons? Send me an Email: to

  102. Cloudy Cloud says:

    Its fun learninig a new language. Farsi is a language of sufism. Will be back tomorrow for next lesson.

  103. Kamran Sarwar says:

    Just want to learn 2 languages before I depart this earth. Farsi and French.
    Already an Urdu, Danish, English, German and Punjabi speaker.
    Kamran Sarwar, Denmark

  104. Salam; i want to learn farsi because its very great language and sweet too. I know how to speak english,urdu and little bit farsi.Come what may i am to learn persian.
    pay my regard to you.
    Rizwan kazim.Pakistan

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