Persian Writing Lesson 1


Persian Writing Lessons
This page is recommended if you want to write in Persian. On this page you’ll find the same letters you have just studied This week. It will also help you detect Persian letters quite easily. Here, all you need to do is follow the arrows and numbers carefully. Please practice them for a couple of times.

Let’s Write 1


  1. As you know, Persian letters are written from right to left. Please follow the arrows.
  2. As you see, there are some ‘dots’ or ‘full stops’ on or under the letters. Please put the ‘dots’ in appropriate places.
  3. Please pronounce the letters with /e/ sound. /e/ as in bed.
  4. There are lines for Persian letters called ‘base lines’. When writing, you’ll have to keep an eye on the ‘base lines’.

Lesson 1


  1. I am glad to find this website

    • im trying to find the meaning of my persian friends company. it’s called ‘la sina’. i thought it was spanish at first but i found out the mom is caucasian and the dad is Iranian/Persian decent. I’m just wondering why would they name their company that. Just curious. Maybe one of you guys can help… thank you

      sckg :-)

      • Sina Fadhl says:

        the name “Sina” is common with Iranian men, and is taken from the famous Persian Scientist and Medicine man known as “ibn Sina” ( ibn means son and Sina is his father’s name). He was really famous during the Golden Age of Islam .. look it up in the internet you will find a lot to read.

        • The commenter before is right,in Occident we know him more as Avicena , he was the author of the first Medicine ”textbook” /manual in the 11th century that started to be used in the western medicine in the 17th century in France!!!!!!!But he was a genious, he dealed with almost any thinking domain possible.You really need to check him out.About your concern regarding whether it was or not a Spanish name ( Spanish=from spain , hispanic=everyone who speaks spanish), YES , it is very common to put the article ”la” in front of a girl name when you want to refer to a girl in particular(and the masculin article”el” for reffering a male).So when I talk to someone about my friend Cristina , I would say ”LA Cristina did this and that” or ”El José did the other”……..So , your friend’s caucasian mom might have had spanish roots!!!!!!!

          • The word LA or El is similar to THE. For example if I say the boy or the girl I would say in Spanish la niña or el niño. Also I could use the word LA or EL when referring to objects like a car or house. For example if I say the house or the car I would say la casa or el carro.

  2. Hibah Shabkhez says:

    A very good idea to show the stroke order!

  3. alwayslearning says:

    Thank you! Excellent site

  4. Good site indeed!

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  7. It is awesome. Thank you so much. You made my life easy.

  8. Brilliant website! Thanks a lot!

  9. Yonas Tesfaye says:

    it is really very interesting

  10. Gulestan says:

    Hassan: You’re simply amazing. Its so well tutored.

  11. abdullah says:

    I am happy to find this site

  12. Naz Jaffal says:

    Great site and so far very clearly explained; but one question – why are the above letters to be pronounced as if they have the vowel UNDER the letter ( i.e. – ‘e’ sound )…is this how Persian letters by default are to be pronounced?

  13. trying to learn parsi,love iranian movies

  14. Thank you so much for this blessing of free knowledge!

  15. I am so happy now that I can write a few letters in Persian because my whole family is Persian and I don’t even know how to write one little letter in Persian from the past.


    percian is very sweet language I want to learn at the earliest.

  17. I was trying to learn Persian in the past, but couldn’t find appropriate way for me. Thank u for this site. It is really the easy way to study Persian.

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    gracias,por este hermoso curso

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    I really wish to learn farsi, as my husband is Persian, I think this site will help me, thanks!

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