Persian Writing – Useful Drills 14


As you know, practice makes perfect! These useful drills present even more new words for you to add to this week’s lesson. This will not only build your Persian vocabulary, but also help you learn to read and write Farsi more quickly and confidently.

Note: Before doing these homeworks, make sure you have learned the previous words completely.

New words:

This = /in/.


That = /a:n/.


Man = /mærd/.


Woman = /zæn/.


To buy = /khæridæn/.


Delete /nu:n/ first. Then combine it with subjective pronouns.

This book = /in keta:b/.

In ketab

That book = /a:n keta:b/.

An ketab

Make sentences: ( Follow the example) : subject+ object + time + verb

Note: You may delete subjects from your sentences.

1- I bought this book yesterday. /mæn in keta:b ra: diru:z khæridæm/.

Man in ketab ra dirooz kharidam

2- She bought this book yesterday.
3- We bought that book today.

4- They saw that man today.

Anha an mard ra emrooz didand

To see = /didæn/.

5- You (plural) saw this woman yesterday.
6- He cleaned this table today.

Note: You may go to Persian samples pages to see if you can find any verbs in simple past tense. Do not pronounce the verbs that we have not studied yet. Just try to find the familiar ones.

Lesson 14


  1. Nadege Drayton says:

    mæn in keta:b ra: diru:z khæridæm

    I don’t understand how we can have the word “in” and ” ra” in the same phrase. I understand the word “in” means “this”. Doesn’t the word “ra” means “the”? i dont understand those 2 together.

    Thank you for clarifying.

  2. hi i’m native speaker
    about “in” you’re right
    but “ra” in persian doesn’t have any meaning
    it just shows you where the object is
    thats all
    you write it
    you say it but you don’t translate it

    hope that helped !

  3. Camille says:

    I thought “an” meant “it”. Does it just also mean “that” as well?

  4. ra is just stating a direct object. ketab, a book. ketab ra, the book

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