Persian Writing Lesson 4


This page is recommended if you want to write in Persian. On this page you’ll find the same letters you have just studied This week. It will also help you detect Persian letters quite easily. Here, all you need to do is follow the arrows and numbers carefully. Please practice them for a couple of times.

Let’s Write


  1. As you know, Persian letters are written from right to left. Please follow the arrows.
  2. As you see, there are some ‘dots’ or ‘full stops’ on or under the letters. Please put the ‘dots’ in appropriate places.
  3. There are lines for Persian letters called ‘base lines’. When writing, you’ll have to keep an eye on the ‘base lines’.

Lesson 4


  1. Javier Herrera says:

    I just wanna say thank you too who ever is responsible for this site its super helpfull and it explanes things well , im leaning the language because i work for a persian doctor and i have lots and lots of persian patients , i wanna be able to communicate with my patients in there language and with this site i should be speaking persian in no time thanks again

  2. claudia says:

    Thank you very much Hassan for a wonderful tutorial and a wonderful website.

  3. I want also to thank you for such a helful tutorial. From Spain I wish the best for you. Kheily mammnoon!

  4. This site is incredible! I am learning so much, with the help of my Persian friend Emad. Thank you, Hassan.

  5. I’ve been using this website for the past couple days, and I would just like Mr. Hassan to know that I greatly appreciate his efforts to teaching Farsi. I have a coworker who speaks Farsi and would love to converse with her in it, its a beautiful language, so thank you Hassan for your generosity with your phenomenal teaching methods. After this I’m going to attempt Arabic, so hopefully somebody else with teaching talent has something similar to Hassans website if Mr. Hassan doesn’t know Arabic.

  6. Benjamin Z. says:

    Awesome work Hassan. I’m starting to go look into my roots, and I figured the best place to start is the language. Thanks you.

  7. Patricia says:

    Same for me. Who ever you are Hassan, thanks a lot for all this. It is clear, very well done and extremely helpful.

  8. Martine Brandner says:

    I’m just beginning and already I get such a thrill when I can recognize Persian letters; bigger thrill when I’m actually writing in Persian. Thank you for this course.

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