Persian Lesson 16 – How to Say my, your, his, plus noun in persian

Hello = /sæla:m/.


Welcome = /khosh a:mædid/.

Khosh amadid

Last week we learned how to say ‘my friend’ in Persian. Today, we are going to learn some more.

Let’s see how we can say the followings:

  • My friend
  • Your friend
  • His/her friend
  • Its friend
  • Our friend
  • Your friend
  • Their friend

Wow! Seems a Herculean job! Isn’t it?

Don’t worry! I am here to simplify the rules for you!

We already know how to say ‘my friend’. This makes our job much easier today. Let’s try it again.

My friend = /du:stæm/.

We added to the noun, which is /du:st/. And we know that we should pronounce as /æm/ in most cases.

All right. Our problem is almost over.

Now I want to say ‘your friend’. I replace /æm/ sound with /æt/sound. I will say /du:stæt/.


My friend = /du:stæm/.


Noun + /æm/.

Your friend = /du:stæt/.


Noun + /æt/.

Note: for ‘your + noun’, like what you see above, the rule changes a bit in oral conversation. In this case, we might replace /æt/ sound with /et/ in some words. However, to avoid any confusion, just learn the rules that are applicable in written speech and forget the oral conversation at this stage.

His/her/its friend = /du:stæsh/.


Noun + /æsh/.

Our friend = /du:stema:n/.


Noun + /ma:n/.

Your friend = /du:steta:n/.


Noun + /ta:n/.

Their friend = /du:stesha:n/.


Noun + /sha:n/.

Note: as you have noticed, in the case of plural pronouns, we combine the above items with nouns with /e/ sound. Like .


+ /e/ sound + /ma:n/. Is that clear? Wonderful!

This is all we have to add to a noun:







Am to shan

Now, replace with /keta:b/. You will say:

My book = /keta:bæm/.


Your book = /keta:bæt/.


His/her/its book = /keta:bæsh/.


Our book = /keta:bema:n/.


Noun + /e/ sound + /ma:n/

Your book = /keta:beta:n/.


Noun + /e/ sound + /ta:n/

Their book = /keta:besha:n/.


Noun + /e/ sound + /sha:n/

Now it’s your turn to try.

Please go to Useful drills page to do more.

If you want to see the main stress of the words, go to Let’s write page.

Ok. With this, we come to the end of lesson 16. I hope you enjoyed it.

See you next week.

Bye bye! /Khoda: ha:fez/.

Khoda hafez

Lesson 16