Free Farsi Software Downloads and Persian Dictionary

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Find and download free Persian and Farsi software, dictionaries, and editors from this page. Got a link? Share it with Easy Persian using the contact page.

Persian Word Processing (Already tested) A free Persian/Farsi Word processor program that enables you type documents in Persian with Microsoft Word. DOWNLOAD the FarsiLang.exe patch,the Persian font and get started with Microsoft Word.(With step by step instructions)

Download English-Farsi dictionary Downloadable Persian dictionary software. It contains more than 60,000 English words.

Yudit Free Unicode text editor A free unicode text editor for the X Window System,which can do True Type font rendering, printing, transliterated keyboard input and handwriting recognition with no dependencies on external engines.

Persian Helper for Learning Persian words Persian Helper is a program designed for learning Persian words and phrases, using the Persian alphabet. You may download a free demo …

Free Farsi Software Online English to Persian (Farsi) translation software in 33 fields of sciences. You may also download this free Farsi software into your computer. This site is presented in both Persian and English

Words Flash Persian Freeware wordsflash program that offers a new method of memorizing Persian words.

ParsPad Version 1.0 Download Pars Pad directly from this site! This is a free Farsi writing tool with wide variety of Persian fonts. The complete book of Hafez is also included in this software. You may need to unzip this file after downloading. Thanks to Mohammad Reza Shams Amiri for creating such a great tool.

Farsi transliterator online! If you cannot setup a foreign keyboard, if you do not want to use a Cyrillic or Arabic keyboard, then use this great program online to write Farsi / Persian easily. More instructions are available on this site.