The Flagless Ones

It took me ages to finish my memoir! And now, here is the book! I hope you will like it. Comments would be warmly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hassan H. Faramarz

Title: Bi Parchamaan, The Flagless Ones: An Iranian Refugee Family’s Story

(A True Story)

Editorial Reviews

A story of hope—and then despair. A story of courage—and then fear. A story of love found—and then love lost—a story of closeness—and then abandonment. A story of expectation—and then dejection. A story of optimism—and then wretchedness. A story of elation—and then degradation. A story of happiness—and then anguish. A story of anticipation—and then denial. A story of promises—and then lies. A story of good—and then evil. A story of euphoria—and then Hell. And, finally, at last, a story of perseverance, faith, determination, achievement and victory. Fleeing for their very lives and the lives of their children, an Iranian family finds heartbreak, agony, bigotry and hatred before finally finding the good that exists in some people . Weep and laugh with Hassan and his family as he reveals to the world the trials and difficulties of being a refugee cut off from his native land; needing, seeking and finally finding a helping hand.


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