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بینندگان گرامی , درود بر شما

! به سایت 'شب نشینی در ای یو' خیلی خیلی خوش آمدید

با کلیک بر روی 'تازه ها' به تازه ترین برنامه ها نگاه کنید

!اگر خوشتان آمد سری هم به 'بغچه' بزنید

!همیشه بیدار و همیشه شاد باشید

تمنای من از شما این است که به جای فحش و فحش کاری کلاهتان را قاضی کنید

با بهترین درودها

حسن فرامرز


Shab neshini, get-togethers at night, is an inseparable part of our culture. People often visit friends, relatives or neighbours at night – after dinner (!) – and chat, generally, having good times together. Probably, your Iranian friends will be able to share with you the testimonies they may have about their former shab neshinis in Iran.

I have created this webpage for two main reasons:

1- I think we the Iranians need to remember who we really are. To restore our own national identity, we need to protect our Persian language and bring to life the ancient culture/custom/occasions such as Noruz, Mehregan, Char shanbeh suri, and ‘fruitful' shab neshinis.

2- I think to free our homeland from ‘religious superstitions', we need to read and read and read a lot of books with an open mind. We have to free ourselves from any sort of extremism and religious dogmas if we are looking for a change.

During these online shab neshinis, I read parts of books I find and talk about them. The goal is not for you to agree with me; the goal is to think for yourselves.

If you are not happy with what I read, please don't curse me! I am just reading the books some of which you have worshipped for years. So, if there is anything you don't like, please go ask the authors of those books!

Love and Peace,

Hassan H. Faramarz

Sunday, 12 April 2009


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