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Easy Persian Music Collection

Attention please: Currently, all Easy Persian lessons and CDs are available only on Do not purchase the Easy Persian lessons or the CDs from other sites or agents. I’ll appreciate your reports should you face any.

About the Easy Persian Music Collection:

  1. This collection 16 well-selected songs (about 67 minutes).
  2. Each song is written in Persian font line by line with English phonetics immediately next to them that makes reading very easy.
  3. The English translation of each song is provided line by line next to each Persian sentence.
  4. Almost all words in each song are provided separately with their meaning, as well as the necessary explanation whenever needed.
  5. The translation of each song and the meaning of the words are provided separately in PDF format.


When you order this collection, you will have quick access to all files (both the MP3 and the written files) – mostly on the same day. I usually check my mailbox a couple of times a day. As soon as I receive your order, I will send you a link to the music page where you can have access to the songs and their translation – online.

Thank you.

Price: USD 16 Only

Please, please, please!

After you place the order, please send me, at least, a very short message to let me know about it. By doing this, both you and me will make sure that the order will not be missed for any possible reasons. Thanks a million!

Feel free to visit the sample pages below before you decide to order this collection.

Please note that the sound quality of these songs are ‘as is’ – more or less the same as the samples.

SongsTitle in PersianTitle in EnglishSingerClick to ListenTranslationLength
Total in minutes:67.48
Track 01Naameh /na:meh/LetterSiyaavash GhomeishiSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 013.59
Track 02Saal e 2000The Year 2000DariushSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 025.25
Track 03Tolu KonRise!EbiSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 035.23
Track 04Delam MikhaadMy heart wants!HaaydehSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 045.36
Track 05Bahaar e ZendegiSpring of lifeHomeira (Homeyra)Sobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 056.02
Track 06ZenduniPrisonerDariushSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 063.09
Track 07Avalin DidaarThe First VisitHoushmand AghiliSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 074.40
Track 08DaryaaThe SeaHoushmand AghiliSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 084.21
Track 09Do PanjerehTwo WindowsGoogooshSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 094.49
Track 10Fardaa To MiyaaeeTomorrow you'll comeHoushmand AghiliSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 104.08
Track 11Nagoo NemiyaamDon't say 'I don't come!'HaaydehSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 116.29
Track 12Lab e DaryaaAt the seaManouchehrSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 122.52
Track 13Baba ro bous kon!Kiss Daddy!ManouchehrSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 132.43
Track 14beh man nagu 'duset daaram'!Don't tell me 'I love you!'DariushSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 144.15
Track 15Hezaar o yek ShabOne thousand and one nightShadmehr AghiliSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 154.33
Track 16Aftaab MahtaabSunlight - MoonlightUnknownSobhet beh kheir azizamTrack 162.04

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