Persian Story 3: The Mirror’s guilty!

Once upon a time, a peasant found a mirror. He had never seen such a thing in his life. He looked at the mirror for a moment. It scared him. “What a dangerous man he is!” He thought. “He looks like a real thief. This must be the man who steals the villagers’ property. I’d better take him home to show him to my wife. I will then have an eyewitness if I tell others about the thief.” He then rushed back home to show the mirror to his wife. Once home, he gave the mirror to his wife and said, “Look! I have found the man who steals from the villagers.” His wife looked at the mirror and was shocked suddenly. ” What a big liar my husband is!” The woman thought, “this is not a man. This is a woman who seems to be a real witch! Her eyes tell me that she can seduce men very easily. Now I understand that why my husband spends most of his time out and always pretends that he is busy. This bastard has been trying to cheat me for such a long time. I must give him a good lesson today.” She decided.

They then started an argument, which later turned into a big fight. No one could stop them. They found no solution but to go to the judge. They narrated the whole story to the judge first. Then they gave the mirror to him. The judge looked at the mirror surprisingly and got a real shock. “Poor illiterate peasants!” He thought, ” you will never understand. You deserve worse than that. This is neither a man nor a woman! This is an imperious judge whose eyes tell me that he is the cruelest and most stone- hearted of all! He seems to be very jealous.” He then paused a moment and continued thinking, ” May be he is going to be a real threat to me in future. I’d better stop him right now.” He decided.

He then looked at the peasants and said, “Let me solve your problem. This is neither a thief nor a witch. He is just a terrible creature who will bring strife to all of us if we don’t stop him now. The best thing to do is to kill him right now.” He then handed the mirror to the peasants and said, “Kill him right now to put an end to the coming disorders. The peasants hit the mirror against the stone bench of the old court and broke it into pieces.

Then everybody was satisfied. The judge was happy and so were the peasants. They had ended the fight for good!

By: Hassan H.

Lesson 3