Persian Story 2: The Poet and the King

Once upon a time, a King had a private poet. Sometimes he would ask the poet to read some good poems for him to enjoy.

One day the king decided to write a poem himself. After he finished writing, he called for the poet and said, “Today I have tried hard to write a poem out of my own experience. I want you to listen to it carefully.”

He then began to read the poem with as much feeling as he could. At the end, he turned to the poet and said, “How was it?” The poet paused a moment and said, “Your Excellency, unfortunately I have to say that it was not so strong. It’s a very poor work.” The king became angry and asked the soldiers to send him to the stable for two nights because of his bad judgment!

A few months later, the king tried to test his ability in writing again. He then called for the poet and read him the poem. After he finished reading, he turned to the poet and said, “How was this one?” The poet stood up in silence and started walking away. The king looked at him in surprise and said, “Where are you going then?”

“To the stable!”, The poet answered as he continued walking.

By: Hassan H.

Lesson 2