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Persian Poetry – The Tree Frog by Nima

This week, Persian poetry page presents Nima.

In some parts of Iran, especially in the north of Iran, people believe that when tree frogs sing it will begin to rain soon. So, they know this frog as the messenger of rain!

Imagine that you are a farmer and living in a very potentially green and fertile area. Your livelihood depends on water. Normally, you shouldn’t have breathtaking trouble to produce your products, as your area has been green for years. Suddenly, you face a drought that is going to destroy your life. Then, one day, you see the tree frog singing again. What will your mood be in such a moment? You will become really happy, as you already know that this is a positive sign and you are going to see rain soon. Now, what will happen to you if you listen to this frog for days and find no single drop from the sky?

The poet, symbolically, briefly, and strongly explains his land and the dreadful drought. Nevertheless, he doesn’t get angry at the frog. Instead, broken-heartedly, he begins to talk to the frog and says: ” O, the messenger of the cloudy days! My land, adjacent to my neighbors’, has become dry. My shack is dark with no happiness in it. The wooden walls (bamboo-made walls) of my house are falling due to lack of water, like the hearts of friends when parted. Tell me when the rain will come?”

The Tree Frog by Nima

Lesson 2


  1. I know it’s easier said than done, but I wish the translation had been more elaborate.

  2. actually it’s better without translation, because i have to search in dictionary for words i don’t know and i think this helps better then the entire translation
    thank you very much for your lessons. they ‘re so easy and nice to follow

  3. j’adooore votre site c’est super géniale et en plus c’est super facile à comprendre !!!

  4. I am a persian but this poem is hard to understand even for me

  5. حسن عزیز موضوع شعر را خیلی‌ زیبا تشریح کرده اید … ممنون!

  6. Which way do we read the the latin letters? Left to right or right left as in the Farsi script?

  7. Christine says:

    It might seem strange and counter intuitive but at least for me, I think it would be nice to have the transliteration of each word under the Farsi word to follow the reading and pronunciation better; as well a bit larger for my 62 year old eyes to read. Thank you for the small lessons too.

  8. Iris Marquela Santamaria Jurado says:

    me gustaria alguien que hable español y me ayude en persa

  9. dear Hassian h., THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TEACHING ME PERSIAN! My dad is from Iran, and i want to learn my heritage, my language, how to write in persian, how to speak in persian, and MUCH more! so this is making it lots easier. I”m only a kid, but i think i’m getting the hang of it!so again,i would like to say thanks for teaching me!

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