A very short biography of Ostad Hussein (Hosein) Ghavami (Fakhteh) (Fakhtehee) – To ey Pari kojaee?

Although almost all Iranians know this great master by name, unfortunately I do not have any reliable information about him. I even surfed the internet to find something about him without any success. This is a pity that no one has even tried to write a couple of lines for such an everlasting master of Persian music on such a big ocean called internet. What are the Iranians doing with this internet? Just chatting and matchmaking?

Ostad Hussein (Hosein) Ghavami chose the name Fakhteh /fa:khteh/ as his artistic name. Fakhteh is a bird that appears mostly at early spring nights and has a very gentle and sad voice. Its voice is look like short whistles. This bird mostly appears where there are trees. In some areas of Iran, this bird is believed to have been looking for its mate, pal, or a very close friend who is missing. As in figurative language, the person who is filled with pain and cannot help talking about his pain is also called Fakhteh in those areas. They say: ” He talks about his pains like a Fakhteh. OR, He has become a Fakhteh (because of his pain).”

Two of his greatest works are: To ey Pari Kojaee? (Where are you Beloved?) and Naghmeh ye Fakhteh (The whisper of Fakhteh).

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