Persian Lesson 7 – Letters /fe/ to /ga:f/

Hello everyone, welcome back!

I hope you have studied the previous lessons well. As you know, we are so close to the end of part one, which is learning the vowels and letters. I request you to try hard to get fluent in recognizing the letters and pronouncing them with the help of the vowels if you haven’t done it before. After part one is over, we will begin to combine the letters to make single words. Then, we will start combining the words to make sentences. You see, we have got lots of things to do later. Therefore, we may not have enough time to come back to these basics again. That’s why I am asking you on and on to learn these basics first, which will enable us to move faster during our next lessons.

Now let’s begin.

So far we have learned 22 letters, which I hope are not difficult to cope with. As always, let’s review the letters we learned last week before we start today. Last week we learned four letters. Do you remember them? Good! They are , , , . Click here if you need to listen to them once more.

Taa to Ghain

Today we will learn four more letters.

23. This is called /fe/ as fe in fence. This is the big letter.


And this one is small letter: /fe/.

When combined, it may be pronounced as . Need to hear? Here!

All Fe

24. This is called /gha:f/.

All Ghaf

And you already know the pronunciation of this Latin-based Persian /gh/. Don’t you? It has the same pronunciation of French ‘r’ in ‘bonjour‘.

This is the small letter: /gha:f/.

When combined, it may be pronounced as . Need help? Here.

All Ghain

Note: as you see, these two letters, and , when combined, have the same pronunciation.

25. This is called /ka:f/. As you can guess now, it is the big letter.


This one is the small letter: /ka:f/.

When combined, it may be pronounced as .

All Kaf

26. This is called /ga:f/. And of course it is the big letter.


This one is the small letter /ga:f/.

When combined, it may be pronounced as .

All Gaf

Click here if you want to listen to the new letters once more, from 23 to 26.

Fe to Gaf

Ok. With this we come to the end of lesson seven. Hopefully, it hasn’t been that much difficult today.

Don’t forget to check the Let’s write and Useful drills pages now.

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Lesson 7