Persian Lesson 47 – More Sentences in Past Perfect Tense

Salam! Khosh amadid!

Hello everyone, how are you?


1- Listen to the audio files first (preferably once). Repeat it for a couple of times. Write it down on a paper. Find their English equivalents. (Seen)







2- Find the Persian equivalent for the following words and make four sentences with each of them (one in simple past tense, one in present perfect tense using ‘for’, one in simple future tense, and one in past perfect tense).

Lots of

3- Say these numbers in Persian:

29 – 32 – 93 – 92 – 109 – 103 – 200

4- Follow the examples, combine the letters, and make words using the given letters. You’ll have to change the big letters into the small ones whenever needed.

Friend <= /du:st/ < ==

Book <= /keta:b/ < ==

Dinner <= /sha:m/ < ==

Ugly <= /zesht/ < ==

Bird <= /pærændeh/ < ==

Wall <= /di:va:r/ < ==

Teacher <= /mo æl. lem/ < ==

Do you remember what I told you about Tashdid? The above word (teacher) follows that rule.

Room <= /ota:gh/ < ==

Please go to Useful drills page to practice more.

Let’s write page is waiting for you if you want to learn and practice Persian writings.

See you next week!

Khoda Hafez!

Lesson 47