Persian Writing – Useful Drills 1


Persian Useful Drills
As you know, practice makes perfect! Every week, along with each lesson, you are given some words to practice. I know that, as a beginner, you will find it difficult to read the entire words by yourself. Therefore, you are not asked to either read or write these words at this stage. Please do not try to pronounce these words on your own or you will remain in an insolvable confusion for good. All you have to do is identify the letters you have already studied. So, first go to the This week and study the new lesson carefully. Then click on the Useful drills button to get connected to this page. On this page you will find some words that seem quite stranger to you at the first glance. Nevertheless, you must at least be able to recognise the letters you have just studied on This week. And this is all I want you to do.

NOTE: as you see in the following words, there are no symbols (signs) on style=”> or under the letters. We, as beginners, use these symbols during our lessons to learn the correct pronunciation of the words. Later, after you got enough familiarity with the words and the way they are pronounced you would find it redundant to use these symbols with letters, except for some ambiguous words that are not used very often. I have eliminated these symbols on purpose to let you see the real Persian words that take no symbols with them.

Note 1: please pronounce the requested letters with /e/ sound. /e/ as in bed.

Note 2: it is recommended that you visit Let’s Write page first before doing these exercises. It will certainly help you a lot with detecting the letters.


In the following words, how many. do you detect?

  1. Big letter ‘B’?
  2. Small letter ‘b’?
  3. Big letter ‘P’?
  4. Small letter ‘p’?
  5. Big letter ‘T’?
  6. Small letter ‘t’?

Please try to answer the questions first. Then, if you want to be sure, find the correct answers at the bottom of the following words.

The answers:

  1. 6 letters.
  2. 7 letters.
  3. 0 letters.
  4. 7 letters.
  5. 2 letters.
  6. 10 letters.

Pictorial answers:

12 – 3 – 456

Lesson 1


  1. Farzaneh says:

    In addition to this drill, I have written the words down and attempted to learn what is written. However, I do not know how to correctly pronounce the word and and its translation. For an example, how do I know that axe is translated to tabar. I was reading it as “ta-be-rr”. Please help me help myself.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hassan jan,

    Thank you so much for these lessons, they are truly the best resource possible! Your dedication and kindness are greatly appreciated.

  3. Felix the Persian Admirer says:

    Just found this site and I have to thank you for this truly great site. It strikes a balance between being ease of approach and being informative (not too hard but not too repetitive).

  4. Thank you for the great site! It’s perfect. Can you do one for Arabic? :)

  5. Charanjeet says:

    Thanks Alot !!! I have successfully learnt first letter

  6. Charanjeet Singh says:

    Book marked !!!! …..ThankS alot

  7. Riccardo says:

    I’m an italian man married with a persian woman since 3 years. I’m trying to learn persian to make her happy :) Thank you so much for this precious site!

  8. just i found this page and i really appreciated it..I’m a Malaysian Indian i want to learn this language to communicate with some of the friends in Iran..
    successfully i learnt the first letters…hopefully i can learn this language well… :praying: thank you, f0r creating this page :)

  9. Sanaz Shaghaghi says:

    Hello i was wondering what this phrase means and if Like the Big B is just A b not a word or letter im lost. :o

  10. The big “B” appears only at the end. The small “b” can be first or in the middle, but never last.

  11. i have selected persian as a subject due to my intrests in learning languages! but had no idea what it is like! thank you for this lovely site! helped alot!

  12. Hey my name is Horace, from Jamaica and learning persian(at advanced level now). need some native persian speakers to try and better my skills. you can add me on facebook, . I also speak spanish, german and some russian so if you need any help with those you can contact me.
    khoda hafez

  13. thank you so much for your great effort.

  14. I did the exercise rather quickly. Thanks for the great explanations.

  15. God bless the person behind this site! I’m an Iranian American trying to connect to my heritage and this is probably the best site for learning Farsi. Thanks so much!

  16. Thank you very much. Since I am Pakistani it was very easy to learn first lesson since it is similar to Urdu. lets hope for best in future.

  17. Free Spirit says:

    Trapped in a multi-cultural society, and is beign forced to learn farsi and arabic. This site is really a big help. Thank you.

  18. Wow, this was super easy and completely understandable! Thanks so much for these lessons!

  19. Nicole says:

    I have a question, I am learning this language to communicate better with some friends. I wanted to know if my friends in Afghanistan will also be able to understand me better or is the dialect too different?

    • Your Afghan friends will understand just fine if they are Dari speakers. The pronunciation is a little different, but not too much.

  20. Mariella says:

    Hi there.Iam a Sicilian born woman who is married to an Iranian for two years. I really want to be able to communicate better with my family ( in laws) in iran and feel this site will help me to acheive my goal! Many thanks for this wonderful site :)

  21. Yes you are truly a kind person

  22. i dont’ find the 2 big letters T ! :-( help me please!

  23. i have found sorry ahah !!!

  24. Liane Heuck says:

    I want to get a translate from English to Farsi in letters only use to facebook…..thank you….regards Liane Heuck…..

  25. Hussain Istan says:

    How long will i need to learn cuz i have just 3 months more before 18, and after that i will need to fled from my country?

  26. says:


  27. Hello All!
    If anybody have some extra materials for learning farsi or some advices please let me know.
    Thank you!

  28. Amirhossein says:

    I am a native Persian speaker who knows English to some extent.
    I need a native from any English-speaking country to proofread my texts since my writing needs some refinement. In return, I will do the same. If any one is interested please contact me to build a win-win bond:)

    and thx for this good website

  29. Di Liddelow says:

    Thank you, the persian lesson number 1, was very clear and simple. Very helpful

  30. Hello,

    I just finished Lesson 1 thoroughly and found it quite useful. I do have a question that came up while I was doing these drills.

    Since words are written from right to left, why does the big letter come at the end of the word? Do Persian big letters serve a different purpose than English big letters? How does this affect pronunciation? From an English speaking perspective, it appears as though the end letter of a word is capitalized. Example: “persiaN”. Do Persian words begin with small letters? Or is this addressed in later lessons?

    Thank You

    - Erik

    • Madeline says:


      I haven’t heard the term big and small letters until I came to this site. What I have learned is that the letters have a beginning, medial, and final form so that the letters will connect nicely. Think of it like cursive writing.

      The “big letters” do not serve the same purpose as capital letters in English. The “big letters” come at the end because they have nothing after them to attach to. “Small letters” are used if the letter needs to attach to another letter.

      As for the letters that cannot attach to anything to their left, I think this is because the letter would look like another letter. For example, if you were to connect aleph (ا) to the next letter, it would look like the letter lam (ل).

      Good Luck learning

  31. Hi All, I’m a native persian/Dari Teacher, been teaching over Skype for two years to all ages and abilities. Interested to learn Farsi/Dari quickly? Send me an email to schedule a lesson. Email:

  32. Thank you for this! I take care of a Persian man who has Down Syndrome and wanted to learn how to communicate better with him. I know basic commands but I’d like to better serve his needs. The only way to do that I see, is to learn Farsi. So for me, this site is a blessing! Thank you so very much.

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