Persian Writing – Useful Drills 32


As you know, practice makes perfect! These useful drills present even more words and phrases than covered in this week’s lesson. This will not only build your Persian vocabulary, but also help you learn to read and write Farsi more quickly and confidently.

Note: Before doing these homeworks, make sure you have learned the previous words fluently.

New words:

Cloth = /leba:s/.

Month = /ma:h/.

For a long time = /mod.dæt ha:st/.

Mod dat hast

To eat = /khordæn/.

Food = /ghæza:/.


Several = /chændin/.

Please translate the following sentences into Persian.

  1. I haven’t washed my cloth for three weeks.
  2. She hasn’t washed the window for five days.
  3. They haven’t cleaned the room for one month.
  4. Bill hasn’t turned on the TV for one day.
  5. My friend hasn’t painted his house for ten years.
  6. Your neighbor hasn’t opened the door for two days.
  7. Helen hasn’t read a book for one year.
  8. I haven’t seen my friend for a long time.
  9. My classmate hasn’t gone to school for four weeks.
  10. This man hasn’t eaten food for several days.

Lesson 32


  1. pervez says:

    To all dear persian class mates
    ,if i say word RAA is not be used after this book, this man,a book, or that man,i will be correct or wrong.any body help me please


  2. i will talk about ‘ra’ in a separate lesson in the future.

  3. Dear Hassan (or other fellow learners), please answer my question. Why didn’t you put ‘ra’ for the verb “to read” (khandan) while in Lesson 17′s useful drills, you put ‘ra’ for khandan.

    as you said that ‘ra’ depends on the verb.. But I also have found another inconsistency of ra in other verb (I forgot which lesson).

  4. Ooh nevermind! I fast forwarded the lessons to see the explanation of the ra. Thank you :)

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